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We especially recommend this interview with Michael Grieves, the creator of the Digital Twins concept, in which he discusses its meaning, benefits and revolutionary scope.

He is an internationally renowned expert on Digital Twins and organizational digital transformation. With a career spanning more than five decades, Dr Michael Grieves brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Find here valuable insights into the future of digital transformation, product lifecycle management, and the limitless potential of Digital Twins.

The interview can be seen at the Episode #181 of XROM’s YouTube channel:

Here are some of the key topics discussed in the interview:

  • Definition and scope of Digital Twins: Dr Grieves, the visionary behind this innovative concept, shares profound insights and takes us on an exciting journey to explore the potential and impact of digital twins.
  • Revolutionising Organisations through Digital Transformation: Discover how organisations can use digital transformation to redefine their processes, increase efficiency and drive innovation.
  • From NASA to Corporate Titans: Dr Grieves’ tells all about his extensive experience working with esteemed organisations such as NASA, Boeing, Unilever, Newport News Shipbuilding and General Motors.
  • Navigating Success: Hear from Dr Grieves’ remarkable career as an executive in Fortune 1000 companies and entrepreneurial ventures, and how he skilfully navigated the complexities of the technology and manufacturing industries.
  • Boardroom Perspectives: Learn how Dr. Grieves has lent his expertise to public companies in the United States, China and Japan, serving on boards of directors.

About Michael Grieves
Dr. Michael Grieves, the father of the Digital Twins concept and a world-renowned expert on organisational digital transformation, focuses on areas such as product development, engineering, systems engineering, complex systems, manufacturing (with a special focus on additive manufacturing), and operational sustainment. Dr Grieves has authored seminal books on product lifecycle management and seminal papers and chapters on digital twins. His consulting and research portfolio includes work with renowned global organisations such as NASA, Boeing, Unilever, Newport News Shipbuilding and General Motors.

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